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Gulf Branchrises in NW Burke County and flows SW into Linville River.
Gulf Branchrises in S Macon County and flows N into Big Laurel Branch.
Gulf Creekrises in SE Chatham County and flows SW into Cape Fear River.
Gulf Prongrises in NE Swain County and flows S to join Chasm Prong in forming Bradley Fork.
Gulf Streamis a warm current in the Atlantic Ocean that flows out of the Gulf of Mexico along the E coast of the United States and E in the North Atlantic toward Europe. Along the coast of North Carolina, it approaches Cape Hatteras and gives that part of the state a milder winter than would otherwise be the case. Winter temperatures of the surface waters there are approx. 63°, while summer temperatures are about 80°. The Gulf Stream was first described by Benjamin Franklin, and it appears on a map prepared for him in 1770 by Timothy Folger.
Gulf TownshipSW Chatham County.
Gull Islanda tiny island in SW Carteret County in Bogue Sound.
Gull Island Bayon the W shore of Hatteras Island in the waters of Pamlico Sound, S Dare County opposite Gull Island.
Gull Rockcommunity in E Hyde County on Wyesocking Bay. A former post office there was Gulrock.
Gull Shoala small island in Pamlico Sound off the W shore of Hatteras Island, SE Dare County. The name appears in local records as early as 1794 as "Gull Shore."


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