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Sadlercommunity in E Rockingham County served by post office, 1898-1910.
Safecommunity in SW Duplin County served by post office, 1888-1903. Name derived from the fact that the first postmaster, Jacob Carr, operated a store and therein had a large safe, the only one in the area.
Sag Branchrises in W Haywood County and flows NW into Caldwell Fork.
Sage Pathsite of early settlement on the E end of Bogue Banks, S Carteret County. Storms drove out early settlers until the settlement of Salter Path, which see.
Sage Rockpeak in W Yancey County on Sevenmile Ridge near the head of Murphy Branch.
Sages OrdinarySee Holly Ridge.
SaginawSee Pineola.
Sagocommunity in central Mecklenburg County served by post office, 1891-1902.
Sahara of North CarolinaSee Sandhills.
Sahlee Creekrises in N Swain County and flows SE into Deep Creek.