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Magnolia CanalSee Bonarva Canal.
Magnolia TownshipSW Duplin County.
Magnuscommunity in NE Person County served by post office, 1899-1904.
Maho Creekrises in E Person County and flows N into Virginia, where it enters Hyco River. Named Mayo River in 1728 by William Byrd and his "dividing line" survey party for William Mayo, one of the surveyors.
Mahogany KnobSee White Hurricane Knob.
Mahogany RockS Watauga County E of Blowing Rock on Blue Ridge Parkway. Alt. 3,425.
Mahogany Rocksummer resort in S Alleghany County.
Maidentown in S central Catawba County. Alt. 891. Inc. 1883. Named for Maiden Creek, on which it is located. Produces furniture and textiles.
Maiden Cane Creekrises in W Wilkes County and flows NE into Reddies River.
Maiden Creekrises in S Catawba County and flows approx. 7 mi. SW into Clark Creek. Named for profusion of maidencane (Poaceae hemitomon) found growing in the bottomland nearby when first seen by early settlers.