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Mack GapW Jackson County on the head of Sutton Branch.
Mack Hill GapN Yancey County on McKinney Branch.
Mack Perry Pondon Fowlers Creek, NE Wake County. Covers 38 acres; max. depth 20 ft. Used for fishing and irrigation.
Mack Williams Branchrises in W Yancey County and flows SE into Jacks Creek.
Mackay Islanda portion of SW Knotts Island, NE Currituck County. It is separated from Knotts Island by Indian Creek and Back Creek, an inlet of North Landing River. Approx. 2 mi. long and 2 mi. wide. Appears as Notts or Mackys Island on the Collet map, 1770.
Mackerel Mountainon the Henderson County, N.C.-Greenville County, S.C., line. Alt. 3,031.
Mackey MountainW McDowell County. Alt. 3,994.
Mackeyscommunity in N Washington County W of the mouth of Kendricks Creek on Albemarle Sound. Alt. 8. Settled about 1765 near the S terminus of Mackeys Ferry, which see, named for Col. William Mackey, local landowner. Post office est. 1856 as Mackeys Ferry; name changed to Mackeys in 1913. Mackeys Ferry appears on the Collet map, 1770.
Mackeys Creekrises in W McDowell County and flows SE into Catawba River.
Mackeys CreekSee Kendricks Creek.