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Lupton Lakein S Jackson County NE of Cashiers on Horsepasture River. Formed in 1924; covers 15 acres and has max. depth of 40 ft. Named for owner. Used for fishing, swimming, and boating and as a power source. Open to the public.
Lustercommunity in NE Durham County served by post office, 1881-1903.
Luther Branchrises in NE Cherokee County on Brushy Head Mountain and flows NE into Taylor Creek.
Luther GapSW Buncombe County between Luther Knob and Stony Knob.
Luther KnobSW Buncombe County between Luther Gap and Dix Creek Gap.
Lutherscommunity in SW Buncombe County.
LuthersvilleSee China Grove.
Lutterlohcommunity in central Chatham County served by post office, 1894-1907.
Lutz Creeka marsh creek in SW Currituck County, flows SW into North River.
Lyddies Creekrises in NE Mitchell County and flows NW into Big Rock Creek.