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Lucy Branchrises in S Lenoir County and flows NE into Spring Branch.
Luftee GapN Swain County in Great Smoky Mountains on Thomas Ridge, lat. 35°36'30" N., long. 83°26'23" W. Alt. approx. 5,200.
Luftee Knobon Haywood-Swain county line in Great Smoky Mountains National Park near lat. 35°41'34" N., long. 83°10'30" W., between Balsam Corner and Mount Sterling Ridge. Alt. 6,216.
Lukensformer community in N Carteret County. Abandoned following a severe storm in 1933. Church, houses, and school moved across South River to the communities of South River and Merrimon. Named for the Lukens family.
Lulcommunity in E Wake County.
Lumbee RiverSee Lumber River.
Lumber Bridgeacross Cashie River in central Bertie County. Appears on the Collet map, 1770. The lumber bridge stood as late as 1833, and there is still a bridge across the river at the site.
Lumber Bridgetown in NE Robeson County. Alt. 192. Settled about 1776. Inc. 1891. Named for the wooden bridge across Little Marsh Swamp there.
Lumber Bridge TownshipN Robeson County.
Lumber Riveris formed on the Moore-Richmond county line where Naked Creek enters Drowning Creek. It flows SE along the Moore-Richmond and Hoke-Scotland county lines and for a short distance along the Robeson-Scotland county line. It then flows SE, E, and S across Robeson County to the Columbus-Robeson county line, which it follows into South Carolina. A short distance S of the state line, Lumber River enters Little Pee Dee River. It is approx. 125 mi. long. Sometimes known locally as Lumbee River.