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Idolcommunity in central Ashe County served by post office, 1879-1906. Also known as Idol's Mill.
Idol's MillSee Idol.
Ijames Crossroadscommunity in W Davie County. A Baptist church built there in 1897 on land donated by Cas Ijames was known as Ijames Crossroads Church.
Ike CoveS Haywood County on a tributary of Little East Fork Pigeon River.
Ike MountainN Buncombe County W of Dillingham.
Ilexcommunity in central Davidson County served by post office, 1886-1902.
Immercommunity in N Montgomery County served by post office, 1888-1932.
Improvement CoveE Swain County between Middle Ridge and Connelly Mountain on Improvement Creek.
Improvement Creekrises in E Swain County and flows NE into Wesser Creek.
Inadu Knobon Haywood County, N.C.-Cocke County, Tenn., line in Great Smoky Mountains National Park near lat. 35°43'37" N., long. 83°14'27" W. Formerly Snake Knob but, to prevent duplication within the park, the name was changed to Inadu, the Indian word for snake. Alt. 5,941.