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Danacommunity in E Henderson County. A post office was est. there in 1892 expressly to serve the Hadley Hotel; named for Dana Hadley, son of the owner of the hotel. Apple growing and packing center.
Danamoracommunity in N Guilford County served by post office, 1892-1903.
Danburytown and county seat, central Stokes County on the Dan River. Replaced Germantown as the county seat in 1849 when the county was divided to form Forsyth County. Inc. 1957. Called simply "county town of Stokes" from about 1849 until 1851, when it was given the name Crawford in honor of the wife of John Hill, longtime clerk of court and member of Congress. Changed to Danbury in 1852 for name of plantation of Gov. Alexander Martin (1738-1807) near the mouth of Jacobs Creek on the Dan River in Rockingham County. Martin was governor when Stokes County was created. Alt. 825. See also Intelligence.
Danbury Creekrises in SW Stokes County and flows W into Little Yadkin River.
Danbury Townshipcentral Stokes County.
Dandycommunity in NW Ashe County. Alt. 3,455.
Danes Creekrises in N Macon County and flows SE into Younce Creek.
Daniel Boone Wildlife Management Areapart of Pisgah National Forest in NW Burke County.
Daniel Boone's CaveSee Boone's Cave.
Daniel Ridgein NW Transylvania County between Shuck Ridge Creek and Daniel Ridge Creek.