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State symbols
Berries: Strawberry and Blueberry
by Case, Steven.  In 2001, the General Assembly named the strawberry as the official Red Berry of North Carolina, and named the blueberry as the official Blue Berry of the state (Session laws, 2001, c. 488). The [...] (from NCpedia.)
Beverage, Milk
by Case, Steven, Childs, T. Mike. Beverage Milk by Steven Case and T. Mike Childs Government & Heritage Library, 2007. Updated 2011. The General Assembly adopted milk as the official State Beverage on June 12, [...] (from NCpedia.)
Bird, Cardinal
by Case, Steven. BIRD: Cardinal By Steven Case Government & Heritage Library, 2011 Listen to this entry The NC General Assembly of 1943 named the cardinal (cardinalis cardinalis) as the official State [...] (from NCpedia.)
Boat, Shad Boats
by Babits, Lawrence E. Boat Shad Boats by Lawrence E. Babits, 2006 Shad boats are the official state boats of North Carolina. They were first developed around Roanoke Island after the Civil War, when a shortage [...] (from Encyclopedia of North Carolina, University of North Carolina Press.)
Butterfly, Eastern tiger swallowtail
by Underhill, Michelle Czaikowski. The North Carolina General Assembly designated the Eastern tiger swallowtail (Papilio glaucus) as the official State butterfly of the State of North Carolina. The bill was ratified on June 11, 2012 [...] (from NCpedia.)
Carnivorous plant, Venus Flytrap
by Case, Steven. Carnivorous Plant Venus Flytrap by Steven Case Government & Heritage Library, 2007. See also: Venus Flytrap (from Encyclopedia of North [...] (from NCpedia.)
Christmas Tree, Fraser Fir
by Case, Steven. Christmas Tree Fraser Fir by Steven Case, Government & Heritage Library, 2007 The General Assembly of 2005 adopted the Fraser Fir as the official Christmas Tree for the State of [...] (from NCpedia.)
Colors, Red and Blue
by Case, Steven. The General Assembly of 1945 declared Red and Blue of shades appearing in the North Carolina State Flag and the American Flag as the official State Colors. (Session Laws, 1945, c. 878). No specific [...] (from NCpedia.)
Dances, Clogging; the Shag
by Case, Steven. Clogging (the name of which derives from the Gaelic word for "time") is the name of a distinctive dance style which originated in the Appalachian mountains. Settlers from Northern and Western Europe [...] (from NCpedia.)
Esse Quam Videri
by Barefoot, Daniel W. Esse Quam Videri, the state motto of North Carolina, is a Latin phrase meaning "to be rather than to seem." Its origins are traced to Cicero's essay titled "Friendship." Distinguished jurist and [...] (from Encyclopedia of North Carolina, University of North Carolina Press.)
by Case, Steven. Festivals The State of North Carolina has several official festivals. In 1993, the General Assembly adopted the Hertford County Watermelon Festival as the official Northeastern North Carolina [...] (from NCpedia.)
Flag, State
by Shaw, Taylor, Smith, David C. The flag used in colonial North Carolina was the banner of the settlers' mother country, England. In 1777, after the Revolutionary War and American independence, the British flag was replaced by one [...] (from Encyclopedia of North Carolina, University of North Carolina Press.)
Flower, Dogwood
by Templeton, Lee Plummer. In 1941 the North Carolina General Assembly designated the flower of the dogwood tree (Cornaceae) as the official state flower. In actuality, three species of dogwoods exist in North Carolina. The [...] (from Encyclopedia of North Carolina, University of North Carolina Press.)
Folk art, Whirligigs created by Vollis Simpson
by Anonymous. Folk Art Whirligigs created by Vollis Simpson Excerpt from Session Law 2013-189, House Bill 830: Session Law 2013-189, signed June 26, 2013, gave North Carolina the following state symbols: [...] (from NCpedia.)
Fossil, Fossilized Teeth of the Megalodon Shark
by Childs, T. Mike. Fossil Fossilized Teeth of the Megalodon Shark by T. Mike Childs, NC Government & Heritage Library, 2013 Listen to this entry Download MP3 [...] (from NCpedia.)
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