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State Symbols and Official Adoptions

The North Carolina General Assembly adopted its first state symbol in 1885 with legislation recognizing the official State Flag. Since that time, the Legislature has adopted more symbols over time, from the State Dog to the State Beverage to the State Vegetable.  Some symbols are emblems or iconic representations of the state's history and culture, like the flag.  Others represent the state's unique natural heritage, like the Cardinal and the Venus Fly Trap, or elements that have been vital to sustaining people or the economy, like the Sweet Potato as the State Vegetable.

This list is updated as new state symbols are added.


--NCpedia's State Symbols and Other Official Adoptions Interactive Timeline. 

--North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 145: State Symbols and Other Official Adoptions.

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--Articles on State Symbols in NCpedia

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thanks for all the facts it really helped with my NC state project.



hey, i just came to say that i dislike this site and i do't ever want to come back on here againnnnnnnn! and alsssso, you guys neeeeddd too get BETTTTERR facccts forrrr classses likkke THISSS. smh =/ yall oughta' be ASHAMMMED!


So sorry that you didn't find what you were looking for. If you provide us with more feedback -- what facts do you think are incorrect or what information do you feel is missing -- we might be able to better help you with your research.

Thanks for your input!


this site helped me with my project thx but what are some interesting facts about NC


So glad to hear it! 

And for interesting facts, you have tried the "Quick Facts" page?

If that doesn't help, and there is a specific fact you are looking for, you may also contact Reference Services at the Government & Heritage Library at Or, call your local public library.

I hope this helps!

--Michelle Czaikowski, Digital Projects Manager, Government & Heritage Library




This is a GREAT site!! It really helped me with my NC history project. Thanks!


Fantastic! So glad we could help! 

--Michelle Czaikowski, Digital Projects Librarian, Government & Heritage Library




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