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Hunting Islandin Bogue Sound, SW Carteret County.
Hunting Island Creekrises in W Carteret County and flows S into Bogue Inlet.
Hunting Quarter Inletappears on the Moseley map, 1733, in Core Banks of Carteret County. It was opened and closed in the 1730s.
Hunting Quarter Soundappears on the Moseley map, 1733, as the water now forming the N end of Core Sound in NE Carteret County. Four small islands extending SE from the present Hog Island separated the sound from Pamlico Sound. Three of the four islands were named Chainshot, Harbour, and Shell.
Hunting Quarters Townshipformer township in E Carteret County. Cedar Island Township was formed from a part of Hunting Quarters, and the remainder is now Atlantic Township. The area was formerly a summer camp of the Core Indians.
Hunting Runrises in N Pitt County and flows SE into Grindle Creek.
Huntleycommunity in central Sampson County served by post office, 1875-1922.
Huntscommunity in W Nash County served by post office, 1885-1903.
Hunts Branchrises in central Transylvania County and flows SE into Tucker Creek.
Hunts Forkrises in E Davidson County and flows SE into Rich Fork Creek.


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