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Quick Facts About North Carolina

North Carolina is in the United States and is bordered by Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia and the Atlantic Ocean.

Map of US highlighting North Carolina

Mount Mitchell

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Great site! lots of good information, that helped me out with my projects. Keep it up!


where can i find the nc state political system division ie. district, county, state, etc

Comment response:

If you are looking for information about districts for Representatives and Senators in the North Carolina General Assembly, there is some information on their website.

Information about the 2011 redistricting may also be found at

If you need additional information, we are happy to help. Just let us know what questions you have. You may send an email directly to Reference Services at the NC Government & Heritage Library. Their contact information may be found at

Good luck in your research, and thank you for contacting us.

Michelle Czaikowski, Government & Heritage Library



I couldn't find the info i needed most,how settlers were able to obtain the new territory. So, i went to different sites, it wasn't in any of those either. Can you help me(I'm in 5th grade)?

Comment response:

I hope these three entries in NCpedia may help you:

In North Carolina, people just came and started setting up towns. As you can read in the entries above, this caused conflict. It also caused some other problems for the American Indians who were here. This entry discusses that:

Is this the time period you are looking for, and the kind of information you are looking for? If not, just contact us at the email address listed on this page:


Michelle Czaikowski, Government & Heritage Library.


I am a DJ and did a show in North Carolina one time. It is a very nice place to visit.Cant wait to go back.


me to


I can't find some of the information that I need on here. I'm doing a project and I can't find the founder of NC or when it was established. I also need to know some of the economic resources and I can't seem to find that, either. ._.


Are you asking when NC became a colony? If so, these are two essays talk about North Carolina before it became a state:, The date it became a state is listed above, on this page.

For information on economic resources, I'd recommend checking the NC Atlas Revisited essay on North Carolina's economy at

I hope this helps!

Michelle Czaikowski, Government & Heritage Library



Hey Michelle, i mean i want some REALLLLLYYYYY AWESOME facts about nc. like, anything that was invented there, and more interesting state stuff. puLEEEEEEZ help me find these, mk? -pleez reply


wow ok I will


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