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Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for visiting NCpedia and taking the time to leave a comment.

We're really glad you like the website!  And we're constantly working to add new content about North Carolina that is relevant to our users.

Let us know what else you would like to see!  You can post it back with this comment or start a new one. Thanks for taking time to help us improve NCpedia.

Kelly Agan, NCpedia Staff


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its hard to find the answer on here


please ncpedia will you put a bigger variety of blackbeard stuff on here please and thank you!!!!!


can you please put on videos and more of a variety of blackbeard.well edward teach.please and thank you


not a good website


Yes it is


they should add the history of education


Hi -- thanks for your comment.  NCpedia is always trying to improve both the content and access to the site. 

North Carolina has a long history of its citizens being activists in providing and improving education, going back to Colonial times all the way to the present.  And while it would be impossible to provide an exhaustive record of all of these efforts, NCpedia has a fairly extensive number of articles on education in the state, from articles providing general overviews to articles providing the history of specific schools (both K-12 and colleges and universities).  If you have a specific topic in mind that you don't see on NCpedia, please suggest the topic to us!

To find articles on education in NCpedia, there are a few easy ways to access them:  first, you can go to the menu option for "Education" on the red menu bar at the top of any page in NCpedia.  Click on "Education" and you'll be able to find a full listing of all articles on the topic of education (and there are A LOT).  The second way to access entries on education is to use the "Search NCpedia" box at the top of the page.  Here you could search for "education" -- and you'd get a lot of hits -- or you could enter something more specific, for example, if you knew the name of the school you were looking for -- such as "Guilford College".

If you're looking for a general article on public education in North Carolina, see the NCpedia 6-part article, "Public Education"

Thanks for your comment!

Kelly Agan, Government & Heritage Library


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