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Carolina Lily

by Steven Case, 2007.
NC Government & Heritage Library.

Sutherland, Zen. 2008. "Carolina Lily - Lilium michauxii."In 2003, the General Assembly designated the Carolina Lily (Lilium michauxii) as the official State wildflower (Session Laws, 2003, c. 426).

Named for Andre Michaux, a noted eighteenth century naturalist and explorer, this flower grows throughout the state, from the forests and hills of Cherokee County to the coastal swamplands (pocosins) of Hyde and Pamlico Counties. The stem can grow up to 4 feet high, and can have up to 6 flowers at the summit, though 1-3 are more common. The petals are brilliant red-orange with brown spots, and arched back so that the tips overlap.

The Carolina Lily grows throughout the southeast, from West Virginia to Florida, and can bloom as late as October, though it is most prevalent in July and August.

References and additional resources:

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Sutherland, Zen. 2008. "Carolina Lily - Lilium michauxii." Online at






I like lilly's


why was the Carolina lily chosen to become a symbol


Hi Tumba,

Thanks for visiting NCpedia and asking your question.  If you click on the blue linked text that says "Session Laws, 2003, c. 426" near the top of the article, you'll follow a link to the text of the state House of Representatives bill where the Carolina Lilly was established as a state symbol in 2003.  The text of the bill gives some facts about the lilly as a unique and rare plant species native to North Carolina and the southeast. 

Please visit NCpedia again!

Kelly Agan, NCpedia Staff



the flower is beutiful




I'm doing a state symbol thing and I'm doing go


THIS WILD FLOWER IS SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL and this is helping tons oof people on reports fro school thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


WOW THIS FLOWER IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


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