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i am trying to find information about burke county on a school project please make it easier to find out information thank u.


Hi Olivia,

Here is the link to the NCpedia Counties page --  You'll find a link to Burke County here. Click on the Burke County link and you'll go to a page with general information about the county, and it includes links to other resources like biographies from Burke County:

I hope this helps!  Please let us know if you need additional help.

Kelly Agan, NC Government & Heritage Library


i'm doing a school project. i need some really famous people.


u just have to look hard enough.


I need the state council of nc so that I can finish my project'



North Carolina has numerous people who have become very well-known for their contributions, from Colonial times to the present day -- and some are even considered "famous"!  

You might want to visit the NCpedia page for biographies by profession to help you get started by selecting individual professions.  Here the link  You can also access the same page from the "Biography & People" pull-down menu at the top of the page.

Good luck with your project!

Kelly Agan, NC Government & Heritage Library



Im looking for a McCabe man that would have lived in new York and possibility had a gold mine. Then took paddle boat down to Franklin county Arkansas around 1800's.
Thanks for any help
Cindy McCabe


Dear Cindy,

Thank you for visiting NCpedia and taking a minute to ask your question.

We do not have any specific information that might help you with this question since we focus primarily on North Carolina history and historical collections.  You may want to contact your public library for help locating information to help with this.  If this question relates to genealogy, you may also want to consider contacting libraries with genealogy collections in the states where you believe he lived.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Kelly Agan



I would like to know about Levi Wade. He was from around Wade NC
. That is washer most of my family was in the 1800s. Thanks very much in advance.

Don Wade


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