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State Symbols and Official Adoptions

An adult male cardinalFrom the State Dog to the State Beverage to the State Vegetable, browse the varied list of official North Carolina symbols, emblems, and other official adoptions. This list is updated as new state symbols and adoptions are designated by the General Assembly.


--NCpedia's State Symbols and Other Official Adoptions Interactive Timeline.

--North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 145: State Symbols and Other Official Adoptions.

--Related student activity guide from LEARN NC: North Carolina Scavenger Hunt

--Articles on State Symbols in NCpedia

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Click on a link to get more information on each specific symbol. You can also post your questions here, and we'll do our best to answer them.


T. Mike Childs, NCpedia, N.C. Government & Heritage Library.


I am using this website for a project too


When will the new state symbols be added, such as state marsupial and state art medium?


The bill has to pass both houses of the legislature and then be signed by the governor.  If you go to and search in the keyword bills box using "state symbols" you can get the bill number.  Next, take a look at the status of the bill.  If it has been ratified (gone through the entire approval process) then take a look at the bill text and see what the effective date is. Once the bill officially passes, we will make this information available in NCpedia. I hope this helps. Thank you for using NCpedia!


Emily Horton, Goverment & Heritage Library, State Library of NC


It really helps


love this website!
helped me so much!


This Website is helping me with a State Project!


greatest site


Im in 4th grade to and this is for my state symbols project


what school and me too


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